Adaptable Witch

When life gives you lemons, toss 'em in the cauldron


1. Yes Mal's port has boobs. Do not reach for them, touch them, grope, try to put yourself between them or stare. Not only does it make her uncomfortable, she may claw you for it.

2. Respect the fact the player AND char WILL NOT respond to "wanna yiff" or "join me in *insert dream here* for fun times."

3. I have a fiancee in my real life. I am not looking for a mate to date offline. I am looking for someone to share laughs and jokes on furc with, who can be a friend offline. I am in a happy relationship and those who seem to confuse IC and OOC, should be warned, I don't need it.

4. I'm a former dream owner (Still have a home dream) and helper. I'm aware of rules and follow them to all extent.

5. I flirt with and joke with my taken friends and single friends alike. I enjoy knowing I make people smile. If you're going to be jealous or assume I want your mate/lover/pet/fuck toy- that's on you.

6. I'm very honest and blunt. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity and drama. If your only goal is to stir that up, keep walking.