Adaptable Witch

When life gives you lemons, toss 'em in the cauldron

Short & Sweet

Mallory started out as a pet, given to an abusive handler. He was known for being rough during their sessions together, and left her with scars. There are many hidden under her clothing, including the longest, that goes from between her breasts to almost her belly button. It had nearly killed her, but a quick thinking friend, her handlers son, turned into her savior. He healed her, just before his father threw him into the frozen lake, an instant icy death.

She escaped that night, with her life and not much else. Wandering the streets, she happened to find a safe haven with a new found friend, a pet, like herself. She and this lady were inseperable until death claimed her travel mate.

Saddened but not disheartened, she wandered farther. Finding herself at Deep Forest Tavern, she felt at home.  When that job and home no longer fit and she knew it'd be better to move on, she did. Mal started her own place. Drama, and a former husband who loved causing it, ended Mal's bar run. She worked for a long while at her sister Silk's place, and helped keep it going.

Now she is only safely at home with her guardians and pet, wherever they may be, she's likely to be found. She considers the Citadel her home.